What does it mean?!

That person you waited on felt God nudge them to leave a larger-than-usual tip.

You’re an important part of this community. You make life a little better and a little brighter for the people you serve every day. And while you probably run across the occasional “hard to please” customer, your service IS appreciated. Thank you for doing what you do!

Hope being "Tipped Over" brightened your day a bit!


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Surprised by a larger-than-usual tip? How’d it feel when you were TIPPED OVER? 

(Or if YOU tipped someone over and have a story to share, let us know.)

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  • Want to be part of it?

    It's simple. Just look for any opportunity to show love to those who serve us!

    Leave a larger-than-usual tip. (You decide how much. Maybe it's 25%, or maybe it's 70%. Something that fits your budget.)

    On the receipt, write:

    "You've been tipped over! Check out"

    When we serve or give just to make someone's life a little better - with no agenda but authentic love - the heart of Jesus is expressed.

    Thanks for helping Share the Love this summer!

Tipped Over Stories


I work at a restaurant and a lady with her family left me a 15$ tip with a note that said I'd been tipped over. It made my night so much better.


A man came in and was waiting for his friend who overslept to meet him for breakfast. It was early Sunday morning around so we weren't busy quite yet. When his friend showed up, I took their order and laughed away with them. They left and I look down on the table - they left me almost a 100% tip! Thank you all so much; it truly made my day!!!! May God bless you all!!


While I'm not a waitress or a barista, I do have a job where I receive tips. I work for a cleaning company and after much prayer I decided to leave this job to peruse something else. After I emailed my boss and gave my two weeks, I went to the next house on my schedule and cheerfully began to clean as I always do. After my three hour appointment I was cleaning up and as I went to leave this wonderful woman gave me a tip that I was not expecting. She tipped me enough to pay my car insurance this month and told me that I deserve it. I told her that unfortunately this would be my last time at her house and as we shared a moment of sadness that we are no longer going to see each other. She was also happy for me that I listened to God calling me to move. Once that was over I got an overwhelming sense of peace, something I didn't have the entire time I worked for this company. I am firmly believing that God's plan for my life includes a career change and that this will be an incredible journey for me and my family.