What does it mean?!

That person you waited on felt God nudge them to leave a larger-than-usual tip.

You’re an important part of this community. You make life a little better and a little brighter for the people you serve every day. And while you probably run across the occasional “hard to please” customer, your service IS appreciated. Thank you for doing what you do!

Hope being "Tipped Over" brightened your day a bit!


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Surprised by a larger-than-usual tip? How’d it feel when you were TIPPED OVER? 

(Or if YOU tipped someone over and have a story to share, let us know.)

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    It's simple. Just look for any opportunity to show love to those who serve us!

    Leave a larger-than-usual tip. (You decide how much. Maybe it's 25%, or maybe it's 70%. Something that fits your budget.)

    On the receipt, write:

    "You've been tipped over! Check out"

    When we serve or give just to make someone's life a little better - with no agenda but authentic love - the heart of Jesus is expressed.

    Thanks for helping Share the Love this summer!

Tipped Over Stories


A father and his two sons came into to eat at the restaurant I work at. Shortly after I had dropped off their drinks, one of the sons had knocked over his tea. With tea all over the table, I still kept my cool. I actually wasn't mad about it at all, even though it was the second time I had to clean up a spill today. We laughed about it as I cleaned up the spill and I brought his son a new tea (this one I had put a lid on) and continued providing them with the best service that I could. In return, this father ended up tipping me $10 on a $24 ticket. Little things like that can go a long way and making one's day better. Just wanted to share this story and say thanks to the father and two sons for coming in today. Have a great day!


I got tipped over today at the restaurant I work at in Galesburg :-) I was called in this morning by my hostess saying that there was an awesome surprise waiting for me...I arrived to find a giant mason jar full of change! Huge. I haven't cashed it in yet but I am curious....I've been telling lots of people about how I've been saving my tip change for my husband and I to take a trip. I have no clue who left it for me but I am so very grateful and it was really cute. This completely made my day!


I had a couple who had never been to our restaurant. They had asked to sit outside, which was not an issue. The couple was drinking Sweet Tea and since it was warm, I brought them their own pitchers. Anyway, since it was there first time here, I wanted to buy them dessert and give them a Thank you card. After they left I cleaned their table and read the letter they had left. It made my entire weekend it feels awesome to know that you can make complete strangers happy and feel comfortable. Thanks.