Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



Sunday, July 31st after church we went to Pekin to eat. We had Toni as our waitress. She was great. We decided to tip over with her. When I paid, the cashier saw the amount and said Toni is going to flip as she has been having a bad day. There were 2 tables that yelled at her. It seems God knew Toni needed that little boost that day.

Amy and Mark


Our waitress was Elena in Normal. Our bill was for 60 something for the 5 of us. I planned to leave $25.00, but then I remembered I had saved $100 to go clothes shopping for myself someday. I felt like - well, no - I know God put it in my heart to give it to her instead of the $25. So I wrote on the ticket "you've been tipped over" and the website address, folded it up and handed it to her, and walked out without looking back. I trust it's in Gods hands. My sister passed away at the age of 16. That was 21 years ago, and today was her birthday. So not only did I do it to honor God, but for us it was also in her memory. She was a waitress too, and it wasn't always easy on her. I love that people all over are doing this. I have clothes. The $100 in cash was hers, I was just holding on to it for her until today when my heart said to give. God is good. ❤️



I was having a hard, long day and a mother and her son left me this website and tipped over. Really made my day.



Second time this has happened to me in a couple weeks. Little did the nice couple who tipped extra know, I had earlier spent 3 hours waiting on a table for a sports team of over 20 people that had a $350 bill and left a $15 tip. Thank you to those who do appreciate our service!



I was tipped over by a nice lady today and it made my day! I have been working very hard this year. Working multiple jobs to try to pay my bills and help out my sick parents. Her and her husband and kids came into a restaurant in Mclean, Illinois. I was filling in helping out the owners which are wonderful people, who have always helped me out in the past. Thank you so much to the family who felt my service today deserved their generousity.⯑❤️



I prayed before my husband and I went out on a date night that I picked the right place to eat with the person that God chose for me. I didn't know how much I was going to tip but we ended up tipping 100% at Texas Road House because the waiter Kevin ended up being one of the best servers I've ever had at any restaurant.



I served a table on a more busy Friday night than usual, they were so patient and so kind to me, they had the most polite and well behaved children I have ever seen working in a restaurant or even seen in my life, not to mention absolutely beautiful. I told the parents just that because good parenting doesn't need to go unnoticed. I appreciate those people so much and they helped me out so much for being so generous!


East Peoria

Anyone who works as a server knows there are good days and bad days. Generally, it can be a thankless job. I had been coming off a particularly unappreciated week. Not only had I been completely stuffed by 2 tables, I actually had to tip the bar for their drinks! In essence I actually paid to be treated that badly!! But tonight all I could think of was two days off after this shift. I had a table of 3 wonderfully sweet women on the way to a play. They were so nice and friendly, I would have been just glad to have waited on them. But when they left one of them had tipped me over $10 on a $12 check! I was left the note saying I had been "tipped over". It just made me feel special. So, special prayers going out to all three women hoping that had a wonderfully blessed night as well!



Very nice couple ordered waters and shared a meal. Tipped $20 on 11.01! Pay it forward ☺️⯑



I got tipped over today at the restaurant I work at in Galesburg :-) I was called in this morning by my hostess saying that there was an awesome surprise waiting for me...I arrived to find a giant mason jar full of change! Huge. I haven't cashed it in yet but I am curious....I've been telling lots of people about how I've been saving my tip change for my husband and I to take a trip. I have no clue who left it for me but I am so very grateful and it was really cute. This completely made my day!