Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



Today my mom and I took a two-hour trip out to Champaign Illinois to run an errand. While in town my mom and I visited Papa Dells and had a great experience. We left a hearty tip for our kind waitress, Mrs. Angel. I hope she enjoys receiving it as much as we did leaving it!



I'm a server & managed to be lucky enough to wait on Diana for her husbands birthday. They were a super easy & fun party to have, thanks so much! It definitely brightened my day!



Friday night with a full bar, I was informed I would also take a table of 13 in the dining room due to a no call, no show of a co-worker. Needless to say I'm glad I got to take care of this family. Ironically they were from/familiar with the town I grew up in 2000 miles away in California. Small world. Every once in a while you get a family as nice as these people make what you do fun again. A 20% tip would have been appreciated the extra they left was just icing on the cake. It was the Grandmother's birthday and I'm glad I could make the families gathering enjoyable. Feliz cumpleanos Abuela!!!



My guest surprised me with a larger than usual tip for just a small amount of food that she had ordered. I was so grateful to her and wondered what I had done that her heart was moved to bless me above measure. I pray she should lack for nothing in her household and every step she take in life success shall follow her.



Was very busy day dealing with a party of 31 and I helped 4 ladies who were patient with me, thank God! Didn't think anything about it and I found this website under $15..15% being around 8 or 9 dollars or so which was a nice surprise..give God all the glory..!!



I am a bartender in Delavan! It was a mellow night at the bar on Monday night. A nice guy came in a ordered food to go and left me a 100% tip! It kept me going the rest of the night. Thanks!!!



This past Saturday we were having a slow morning. I had one table and they had tipped me $4 on $22, which you can't complain about. My very next table was a set of two girls in their early twenties maybe? They were very friendly from the beginning. I treated them like anyone else, with respect and good service. Little did I know these two girls were there to enjoy lunch, but also make my day! Their bills were right under $10 a piece and each of them left me a $9 tip⯑. We're all just young adults trying to figure it out and get by! I'm thankful for people like you!


St. Louis

We had a very nice lunch while visiting the Barnes Children Hospital. We walked a couple blocks to a nice place and had a great lunch and a very nice server. I have been wanting to do this for someone, let them know they deserve it and they are appreciated. She said "oh no" with tears in her eyes. We all felt we might have brightened her day a bit.



It was a group of ladies that I've seen before who left me 100% of their bill as a tip. It put such a huge smile on my face! Thank you indefinitely for spreading a more positive message.


St. Louis

I waited on a very friendly table this morning. They were one of my first tables of the day and were nothing but pleasant and kind. They came from the hospital for some food and relaxation before heading back to see their beautiful 6 week old son with heart problems. It warmed my heart that people going through so much still took time to give back to a complete stranger. I can't wait to pass it on!