Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



I work at Steak n Shake, usually during the dinner hours. This time around, I decided to pick up a shift I normally do not work, it was the late evening/bar rush hours. The table I served were so nice to me from when I asked for their drinks through them being checked out at the counter. I had heard of being tipped over before, however I didn't know the specifics and how it felt to be tipped over until this morning with my lovely customers. I was definitely tipped over and today at work was definitely worth being a server as I had been losing interest in the profession. Thank you to you all! Thank you for making my life as a server worth it again! May the father God and the good Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and keep you in your daily life with him. Peace and Blessings to you all!



It was a very slow Saturday and to my surprise, a very nice couple who normally comes in on Mondays sat in my section. I was excited to see them and enjoyed serving them. After they left I noticed they tipped me $20 on a $33 tab!! I am so grateful for not just the tip but also to know that there are truly wonderful people in this world who are good for goodness sake!!


East Peoria

We finally had the opportunity to share in the tipped over experience. The waitress at Chilis in East Peoria was pleasant and friendly. We pray before eating whether at home or out because we are truly thankful for God's blessings. When the waitress noticed we had tipped 40%, she walked over to our table to say thank and how touched she was for the larger tip, but also, to thank us for praying before our meal. She said it was so rare to see anymore and she showed us the goosebumps on her arms. People do notice and if one soul is changed from it, imagine the chain reaction that can be started from it.



I waited on a couple of women today who were spectacular! While I hope I brightened their day, they sure did mine and it was greatly appreciated!



Tipped a couple dollars over the 20% to my dog groomer. I told them where I got the idea (WCIC!⯑)


East Peoria

While I'm not a waitress or a barista, I do have a job where I receive tips. I work for a cleaning company and after much prayer I decided to leave this job to peruse something else. After I emailed my boss and gave my two weeks, I went to the next house on my schedule and cheerfully began to clean as I always do. After my three hour appointment I was cleaning up and as I went to leave this wonderful woman gave me a tip that I was not expecting. She tipped me enough to pay my car insurance this month and told me that I deserve it. I told her that unfortunately this would be my last time at her house and as we shared a moment of sadness that we are no longer going to see each other. She was also happy for me that I listened to God calling me to move. Once that was over I got an overwhelming sense of peace, something I didn't have the entire time I worked for this company. I am firmly believing that God's plan for my life includes a career change and that this will be an incredible journey for me and my family.



I work part time at a small steakhouse. Yesterday was a rough day because I was let go from my full time job. None of my tables knew, but one table expressed to me how wonderful my service was. It really helped me feel better about myself and my abilities. They have no idea how much their generosity means to me. The money will help me pay student loan bills, my car payment and rent while I look for something full-time. Thank you for your caring and generous heart!



I'm a server, and I was tipped over tonight. I was serving a young couple who were very kind. I teared up when I saw my tip and Proverbs 3:5 written on the bill. Ive been losing sleep lately not knowing how I was going to afford school in the fall. God works in mysterious ways. I really hope that couple comes on here and sees this. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. You have no idea how much that ment to me. It was like a prayer was answered. I cant wait to return the favor in the future. God Bless



Bill was $5.04, and the customer left a $10 tip and this website...



I had a very nice woman come in with her grandson. They were both very pleasant and her grandson was extremely polite. Waiting on them made my day and when I opened the book after they left I was shocked. Thank you!