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Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



Today was my third day serving, and my very first day serving completely on my own. I was extremely nervous, (as to be expected), but I managed to stay calm on the outside. A lovely younger couple tipped me a very generous amount, and I was almost confused, thinking it was an accident. I'm struggling to make money to move out of my place and pay for nursing school. I feel extremely blessed this evening, and I can't thank you both enough!



I have been a server for almost 6 years, but over the last year have only worked a few shifts. I have two young kids, and when they started school I had to get a day job. Over the last month I have experienced a lot of financial difficulties with my house, a/c breaking, septic backing up, roof leaking, etc. I hadn't served since Christmas and was asked to help on the 4th of July weekend. I went to work in a great mood, happy to see my long-lost family. It was a slower evening so I figured I wouldn't make very much, but any bit of extra helps. Then I had one couple that was very friendly and happy to be there. I did my best to give them outstanding service that I always strive for. And at the end I got the receipt with you've been tipped over on it. GOD sure knows what we need just when we need it! I hadn't severed in 7 months, and the day I do, I am graced with this surprise! I have listened to your radio station my whole life, so I knew all about it. I'm just grateful that Christians are not afraid to show His love in a fallen world!


East Peoria

I lost my mother-in-law of 31 years last Friday and have been in a very sad state of mind. I had a mother and daughter come in with their little one today. They were very friendly and the little guy made me smile for the first time since it happened. Every time I went by the table, he gave me a big smile. It was the smile I needed to hold it together so I hope the they know the tip was greatly appreciated - but the smiles were what I needed most. Thank you for both!

Julius B.


I greeted this large party of 6 people with 2 boys. I would say were about 10 or so. The boys were very polite and well-mannered. I remember taking the first boy's order. When he is finished ordering, there is a 2-second silence before the boy realizes he forgot to say thank you and immediately follows up his order with a please and thank you. That's when I knew this table would be excellent. When you have a great connection with a table sometimes it doesn't matter about the tip. To my surprise though the table well over-tipped me. I couldn't believe the amount and the graciousness bestowed upon me. Thank you.  I appreciated your kind boys and the overall experience. 

Pizza Man


I deliver pizzas for a living. Have not been tipped over. Does this apply to delivery drivers? (answer: yes!)



Today had a 4 top of young kids, maybe 18. $62 check, left me $100!!!! It was great to know even the young ones appreciate my service!!



I've heard a little about the "tipped over" trend that's going around, but the first person to actually leave me a tip and write down the website was my coworker Deric! He'd finished his shift and sat down in my section with his parents to eat, knowing he's a server and friend, I knew I'd be getting 20% at least. So I was surprised when he left and I had 22 dollars total as a tip. He'd left 10 & his parents left 12. Their bill was only 47 dollars, after his employee discount. So thankful for the amazing coworkers I have!


East Peoria

I am a server and Sunday morning I had the sweetest table sit in my section. A gentleman and his 3 young sons sat down at my table. I could tell as soon as they sat down they were going to be a pleasure to serve. I was not disappointed! All the boys were so well mannered, when they got their lunch, they even took the time to say their prayers before digging in! They had already brightened my day. Before I went to the table to pick up the tab after they had left, I saw a generous tip and a note saying "God bless and have a great day" as well as, "You have been tipped over". I was telling a friend about this wonderful family and they told me about being "tipped over". I wasn't feeling very well that day and wasn't in the best mood but with a family like that you can't help but smile. Then, receiving their generous tip just pushed me over the moon. Instantly brightened my day!



Every so often two regulars come in to the restaurant where I work. Most times it's just the two of them. They're super easy to wait on. They always know what they want. On Wednesday, it was a slow night at work. I only had 3 tables for the whole evening. The couple was at one of the tables I had. They had their usual. I enjoyed seeing them, and mentioned that they need to come back more often because I hadn't seen them in a while. As they were paying for their bill, one of them asked if I had heard of tipper over. I told her "No." She wrote on the back of the receipt this site address and told me to check it out. I am very appreciative of their generosity. And I hope they know that I am very thankful for this tip and their easy going personality. Sometimes nights can get crazy and stressful as a waitress and they're such great and understanding customers.



I was having a long day. I had just worked 11am to pm and was back again in the morning. The AC was broken and I was feeling all around tired but still trying to make everyone's day. A nice family of four came in and when they got their food, their young boy disliked his pancakes. I took his pancakes back and gave them the chicken strips off the bill to make up for it. I came back from break and they left me a very generous tip. Nice friendly people make my day, but this family made my week. Thanks!