Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



I work at a small  pizza resturant. Tonight I waited on a very nice family of four. The service wasn't perfect as I accidently served the gentleman a pibb instead of a coke. I was busy when they left so didn't get a chance to say goodbye but when I went to clear table, I found a surprise. They had left a note on the credit card reciept with this website and left me a 50 dollar tip on a 57 dollar tab. WOW! Right when I noticed this, they were walking by the window. I knocked on the window to get their attention and thanked them. They have no idea how it made me feel that they thought I did such a good job to deserve that. Thank you again and I will pass the kindness on. God Bless You.



A mother and a son came in with their family and I gave them excellent service. Everything was perfect!! So when I brought the check they split it two ways so they played a game on who was gonna tip the most. Well the mom won by a clear as she gave 10 dollars, but I really appreciated both of there tips.



I work at a restaurant and a lady with her family left me a 15$ tip with a note that said I'd been tipped over. It made my night so much better.



A family of 3 came out to eat today and they were so kind-hearted and very generous, I've been tipped over! I love meeting new people and see them leave happy. Thank you!



I had two nice ladies who ordered the salad bar and water. I was sure I would only get like $2, but they blessed me with $6. That's 35%! In addition these ladies were very polite and asked if they could pray for me.


Germantown Hills

I listen to wcic and always hear about being tipped over. I love hearing the stories about being tipped over, I think it's so sweet! Today I had the honor of serving this sweet gentlemen that I have waited on before. He was such a sweet caring man. I saw he was wearing a shirt that represented his church. Little did I know before he left, he told me that I have been tipped over. So I had to share my story! Thank you!



I was tipped over today and it was a huge surprise because their tip was larger than their bill. So great to have good people who believe in God and are able to share their heart to help me out. They didn't know I'm struggling with bills and medical situations right now and that really brought up my day. Thank you, God bless.



It was my first day on the floor and I was tipped over. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! It makes me realize that there are some amazing costumers out there!



A wonderful couple surprised me with a 50% tip!!! My other co-worker was tipped over this past Saturday and I was so happy for her , and then I was!! SUCH A NEAT thing to definitely brighten a day for sure!!! THANK YOU AGAIN to the couple for the sweet gesture!!!


South Haven

I had a lovely couple come into the restaurant I work at. They were on their vacation. I did my thing and chatted with them. I felt bad at first because I was fairly busy and did not feel I'd given them the attention they deserved, so when I was able to sit and chat for a moment, I felt much better. They were so extremely nice!! This absolutely made my night and it just blew me away. Over the last few months my faith in the Lord has been growing more than it ever has, and this is just another sign from him that I'm doing what I should be. I say that because I was having a conversation with a fellow server earlier about how I felt I just wanted to genuinely be me with my tables and not "hustle" them, so to speak! Ironically I made out better than my team mate, now that's God speaking!! God is good, always!!