Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



Truly blessed to be tipped over today by a wonderful loving couple that came in today. I was busy making lemon shake-ups for another table while also getting their drinks. As I went to get their order, they decided they only wanted the drinks, as they didn't have a large appetite. I told them to enjoy the drinks and, "Have a nice day!" To my surprise, they left me a tip, which I am grateful for. God Bless this beautiful couple. They made my day.



I drive Uber and was giving a young man a ride home. I was about 20 minutes away when he contacted the service, so I had quite a drive to pick him up. He talked to me all the way to his house. When we got there, he gave me $5 and said he felt bad I had to drive so far. It left a huge impression on me, and I just praise God for people like him.



Overheard a waitress at a restaurant in Clinton say that she really needed the tips beacuse she was having a bad week, and her vehicle needed a new radiator. God spoke to me, so I left her an extra tip to help her in her time of need. God bless her and help her through her struggles.



I had a super nice younger couple come in yesterday. I appreciate a good tip, but I am also happy my guests enjoyed their dining experience with me. :) I hope to see them soon!!



I was tipped over and I want to explain what that meant for me on a day like today. I clocked back in from break with two tables on deck. We'll call one the "tipper-overs;" they are why I'm here. Five minutes later, two more tables sit in my section. Ten minutes later, I have a 6-top sit in my section and two more couples. Seven tables is a fair load for a server, but I've been doing this a while so a chill Sunday for me. One table gets mad at me because a corporate rule: I can't serve dad's burger medium rare. I also am not supposed to sing happy birthday and one child wants me to. They rip both my managers and myself apart over rules none of us make. This took 10 minutes. Couple 4 has needed a refill for several minutes. Ice needs refilled. Trash needs emptied. Couple 2 needs another drink. "Tipped-over" needs napkins. The server sharing my dining room has been sitting at her only table for 15 minutes. Couple 5 needs a check. Couple 1 wanted a different kind of taco than the one I rang in "wrong." Birthday-song table is still yelling at my helpless manager. Someone spills a drink. This all happens in a 20 minute period, on top of all my normal server routine. After the dust settles of rush number one, I collect my credit slips. "Tipped-over," the table that only needed napkins outside of whatever typical things I would do for them, have left me a note explaining I had been tipped over with a charge tip of $25 on a $44 check, as well as another $5 in cash. In an overwhelming amount of chaos that ensued for me in a matter of minutes, you recognized my hard work and brightened my day. When a table that normally would have ruined my mood for at least a couple hours gave me a hard time, you completely erased it with your gracious gesture. A bartender at my job had a heart attack Friday night. She has to take several days off, and she's the main income for her household. I will be using your "tipped over" to donate to her GoFundMe, so she can get the rest she needs. You have no idea what your "tipped over" meant to me on a day like today. You inspire me. Thank you.



I deliver for Jimmy John's to an employee at Peoria's Dream Center. I asked her if she intentionally gave me A 76% tip. Usually we hardly get a decent tip in that area. Thanks! I owe you a chocolate chip cookie next time!

Juan Hernández

Lees Summet, Missouri

I was working at a Mexican restaurant. Guy asked me for a hot plate like fajitas. He's happy. He left me good tip and a note: "I'm over-tipping." I felt good. Thanks.



Waited on a nice mom and her daughter. Looked like she was a nurse at a hospital or nursing home. Daughter was very sweet and mom was very nice. She over-tipped me, and I am so grateful. Things have been going a little rough for me the last couple weeks with a big move, and money is short. This made my day. Thank you so much for your gracious tip, ma'am. Have a blessed day!



Was tipped over by a very nice couple. I was at the beginning of my long Saturday shift so to start out with being tipped over made my day a little brighter. Thanks so much for the appreciation for what I do! I assure you the pleasure was mine.


East Peoria

A wonderful family dined with us tonight. The daughter, who is a fan of the movie Trolls, sang songs with me and was just a delight! This family definitely made my night. Sometimes serving can be stressful, but when people are gracious enough to tip 50% it makes me feel like there are still good people who take in consideration what servers endure on a daily basis!!! Thanks again for the generosity. This family definitely expressed the heart of Jesus to a mother 6. Be blessed.