Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories


East Peoria

I'm in cosmetology school and was performing a color service. Even though I wasn't the fastest nor was my color coverage the best, I offered to make it right in anyway I could. She told me she appreciated our conversations and me being so humble. She tipped me $17! Little did she know, I had $0 to my name and needed to buy diapers the next day. Needless to say I'm beyond grateful, and will pay it forward.



A nice, easy family of 4 tipped me $30 dollars and wrote on the receipt "" It was a very nice feeling. I serve to take care of my 2-year-old while I am in nursing school. Thank you!!!



The kindest woman named Tasha was at my drive thru today. It was in the middle of one of the craziest lunch rushes I've ever seen, and she was so insistent on me keeping the receipt. Come to find out, she left $100. At first I didn't believe it; I still don't. She doesn't know I just lost my health insurance and really need my thyroid medication. She doesn't know I can just make enough to cover rent because I am a full-time student. She doesn't know the last couple of months have been really hard on me. But I hope she now knows I am forever grateful for such a generous act on her behalf. I can't wait to have her at my window once again. You're the best, Tasha!



My 13 year old son went to a conference last spring that had a theme of "be generous always". One of his leaders gave the group the challenge to be generous and gave them each $20. My son didn't know what to do with it. Last night, my son and I went out to eat at a place we had never been before. The waiter was great! My son left the $20 for the tip, which ended up being a 75% tip!



I was just over-tipped, and I'm thankful because this group of four ladies was my only table tonight. I hope they see this so I can just say thank you.



I work at a pizza place, and Tuesday evening I had a customer come in to the restaurant and dine in. It was like any other table, or so I thought. I received a very generous tip from him and was in complete shock and tears when I read his note. I recently finished college and just found out that I am pregnant with my first child. Every day I have struggled to try to figure out where I'm going to work after she is born and how I am going to make it through. I wish I knew who he was so I can thank him for making me believe in the beauty of individuals like himself. I can't wait to carry on this message to another deserving individual and I hope they see it as a beautiful thing like I did. Thank you so much to the kind man! You are truly an angel! God Bless you too sir!



I have been "Tipping Over" since this first started last year. Today, my husband was trying to check out at a local grocery store and had trouble. He was unable to use his debit card after multiple tries. Someone behind him stepped up and paid for his groceries. They would not give their name nor would they allow him to have any contact information to pay them back. He called me as soon as he got in the car and said, "Your 'Tipping Over' has come back to you." I was quite amazed; God is in this whole Blessing Adventure.



Truly blessed to be tipped over today by a wonderful loving couple that came in today. I was busy making lemon shake-ups for another table while also getting their drinks. As I went to get their order, they decided they only wanted the drinks, as they didn't have a large appetite. I told them to enjoy the drinks and, "Have a nice day!" To my surprise, they left me a tip, which I am grateful for. God Bless this beautiful couple. They made my day.



I drive Uber and was giving a young man a ride home. I was about 20 minutes away when he contacted the service, so I had quite a drive to pick him up. He talked to me all the way to his house. When we got there, he gave me $5 and said he felt bad I had to drive so far. It left a huge impression on me, and I just praise God for people like him.



Overheard a waitress at a restaurant in Clinton say that she really needed the tips beacuse she was having a bad week, and her vehicle needed a new radiator. God spoke to me, so I left her an extra tip to help her in her time of need. God bless her and help her through her struggles.