Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



On my 3rd night serving, I was left almost 30% tip on an $11 bill. She was super nice and that made my night!!!! Thank you!!!!


East Peoria

We were having a very slow morning at my store. I had just about given up and planned on leaving with the money to pay my CILCO bill. But then a very generous lady gave me twenty dollars right before. This really helped. Thank you so much.



I was working at my local family restaurant when a guy came in pretty late with his friend. His bill was $74, and he tipped me $80. I was astounded. I never shared this with him, but I had been running numbers in my brain all day thinking how it was gonna take every dollar I had to make my car payment that week. Thanks to you guys and that generous customer!


Low Point

I work at the Midway DuckInn. I am taking a loan out tomorrow & have been nervous about it. I'm 19, work two jobs, and have a truck's gas mileage to pay. To the couple who came and tipped me one hundred percent of their bill, I greatly appreciate it. I'll be sure to pay it forward at my next stop!!



I waited on 2 ladies who were very pleasant. They tipped me $23 on a $27 check with a note saying to check out this website. This is a great way to spread joy. This kind of action can 180 a bad day. Thank you ladies and thank you!!!



Today I received a 50 dollar tip on a 49 dollar check. I can't even say thank you enough to those generous people! It was totally unexpected, but I am so greatful for such kind hearted people like them. Thank you so much; you made my night and made me feel very appreciated.



Tonight, a very nice couple came in for dinner. It was my turn for a table, but I was running trying to get everyone taken care of. Another server had to get there drink order, but I did my best to give them great service once I had the chance to get to them. I think maybe they saw me putting in the effort to give everyone good service and blessed me with a tip of $28 on a $31 dollar bill! I was shocked and appreciated it so much! It feels good to know people out there do care about how hard some servers try to make everyone's experience a good one! Thank you and God bless you whoever you are!



I'm a server at Cheddars in Decatur, IL. Let me tell you about my story.. A couple that came in today met two other people when they arrived. They had lunch, and we started to talk after they ate their meal. We chatted about my son that I'm raising on my own and how old he is. I hadn't had a day off in almost 3 weeks. They were so nice and made me feel so blessed that I started to tear up. Before they left, I had to go back to the table to ask them for a hug and bless them. It was an amazing feeling. Spreading joy is the best "tip" around.



I work at the Bob Evans in Springfield, and I was tipped $100 by this very nice couple! I wish I had noticed the credit tip before they left.. Just wanna say thank you very much!



I have worked at Cracker Barrel for years, and I was just "tipped over" with this site for the first time. I didn't receive it until a couple weeks after that shift. It was in the safe, because I had already tipped out that day. Last night is when I opened it, and it made my week. I work very hard and it is really nice to be noticed and appreciated. Thank you whoever you are. I will definitely try to pass it on!