Thanks For Sharing The Love!

Here are some of the stories we've heard from the people who have been Tipped Over by your generosity.

Some Tipped Over Stories



Our Regeneration group goes to Steak n' Shake on Raab Rd. every Monday night after we meet. Nicole is our server every time and is always ready with a smile and brings us our drinks and side of fries every time without even being asked. She's such a pleasure, and it was a blessing to tip her over. I know God will use it for his glory.



I unexpectedly had to put my 4 year old dog down Monday. Also, I ended up getting written up at work after missing the day after to go see him. I was warned not to take any more days off, but I couldn't imagine missing it. So to say it's been a hard week is an understatement. Come Friday, I won a Valentine's Day giveaway on the radio. This was a nice pick me up. I won a necklace, a dozen roses, and $100 gift card to a restaurant. When we got to our table after a long wait, we could tell our server was having a bad night, but she was trying so hard to be positive. She was honest with us and still provided us great customer service! The restaurant allowed us to use our gift card for the tip as well. This enabled us to give her almost a 50% tip! Having a rough week myself, I was able to identify with her and hoped that this would brighten her night a little. It didn't cost me anything for dinner so why not pay that forward to someone who needs it more than I do?!! Everyone has bad days, but together we we can shine a light on the darkest of ones.



We were busy right when we opened the doors today. It was me and one other server. The other server was brand new. So I was picking up the extra tables she just couldn't get to.

I just got married three weeks ago, and my husband and I were recently discussing how we are both going to afford to stay in school. Being "tipped over" definately brightened my day and gave me a better outlook for the 10-hour shift ahead of me.



I was working my first shift at Lake Road Inn, and my first table of the night was such a nice family. Then when I got their tip slip I saw the words, "You've been tipped over!" It made my first shift off to a great start. Thank you!!


Lake Ozark

I'm a waitress, and also 8 months pregnant. This time of year is a bit slower than the rest. It was my first table of the night, and they made my entire night great. I have never heard of this site before, but it really helps to see servers are appreciated!! Thank you to the family that did this for me!



I have been "tipped over" three times; it's a nice gesture but here's the problem... Two of the three tippers barely left me a 20% tip. Although is technically over-tipping, it's not as generous of an act as they may think.

Please keep in mind and spread the word to others that in Illinois servers make, AT MOST, $4.95 an hour from their employer but there is a 40% tip credit... which means that up to 40% of that hourly wage isn't paid to the server at all, but is assumed by my employer to have made in tips.

For instance, for every $100.00 of food I sell, my employer assumes that I have made at least $10.00 in tips and that money is subtracted from that $4.95 hourly wage. Even if a server is "stiffed," we still pay income taxes on the money PRESUMABLY given to us. Keep in mind the IRS also assumes that I have made at least 10% in tips for all of my sales and the income and social security taxes also come out of that hourly wage.

Another thing to remember is that credit card tips at some restaurants are not paid in cash to the server, instead it is collected by the company, taxes and social security are deducted from the entire tip, and it's posted to their paycheck. An "overly generous" credit card tip can actually adversely affect the server because if they are audited by the IRS and the IRS has documents showing you made an average of 25% tips on your credit card sales, they will expect you to pay taxes equivalent to 1/4 of the total food you sold.

In short, I appreciate the kind gesture of being "tipped-over," but I think all tipped employees would appreciate it very much if the general public were aware of just how little we are actually earning.


East Peoria

Waited on a nice couple yesterday that I have waited on the in the past. They tipped me over, more than 100% of the bill. Sometimes in my vocation appreciation is few and far between; this sort of kindness IS appreciated! Thank you so much for your kindness and God Bless YOU!



This very nice family came in during our rush and left a wonderful note thanking me for my service as well as wishing me a happy holiday season. They also left a $10 tip on a bill that was only $13 feeling very blessed!



I have heard about on WCIC, and I never expected it to happen to me. However, tonight was a very hectic night at the Italian restaurant that I work, and a very nice lady tipped me $25 on $81! I am very grateful to this woman as well as God for showing me little signs that He is listening.



A nice young couple came in with their beautiful baby girl who was as good as gold and was as precious as the day is long. I had one other table besides the young couple so as I went back and forth. I was making small talk with them about their baby. She shared a story with me about how fast she is growing and I told them to enjoy the time while she is little because it just doesn't last! After getting everything packed up, the young man sat down and filled out the credit card slip then grabbed their belongings, wished me well, and were on there way. As I cleaned the table and went to put the receipt in the drawer, I glanced down and saw the amount of the tip along with "You have been tipped over!" This gesture made my day! I can't wait to pay it forward.